TRIFE Inc. (Yokohama, Japan is releasing “SPACE Toothpaste ORALPEACE”, oral care products friendly to human body and our environments, on July 7th, 2022, the day of Tanabata star festival.

It has been researched and developed for the purpose of solving the problems of oral care both in space and on earth by green technology and space technology in the 21st century.

“ORALPEACE”, which originated in Japan and has been used in various fields such as medical care, long-term care, infection prevention, pediatric dentistry, disasters, and outdoor activities in more than 15 countries around the world, has been made more space-specific.

ORALPEACE has been used in the fields of medical care, long-term care, infection prevention, pediatric dentistry, disasters, outdoors, and pet oral care in more than 15 countries around the world.

Expected to be used in space, with technological innovation from Japan’s national research institute, it has been made to meet the space specifications.

To meet the challenges of “effectively prevention of tartar buildups in space life” and “effectively brushing teeth and oral care in space, where water and time is limited”, along with the characteristics of chemical-free (no chemical components), plant-based (100% plant components), 100% safe food ingredients and 100% biodegradable (body and environment), Lactic Acid Bacteria Antibacterial Peptide, our patented formulation “Neonisin- e®︎ *” is added in an increased amount.

In addition, natural lemon essential oil that promotes the secretion of saliva, which has a self-cleaning effect, is added to wash away the plaque (a mass of bacteria such as dental caries and periodontal disease bacteria) that causes tartar, and the preventive effect is further improved.

Newly developed natural lemon-mint flavor. In addition, we have adopted the latest space-specific light-resistant and environment-friendly biomass package that prevents the transmission of ultraviolet rays.

We have developed 21st century toothpaste and oral care product, useful for human being both in space and on earth.

As a model to commemorate the 10th anniversary of ORALPEACE Project, it will be released worldwide on July 7, 2022 from Tanabata star festival (originally from Chinese legend, the day when Orihime(Vega) and Hikoboshi (Altair) are connected by the Milky Way Galaxy only once a year).

Expanded at medical institutions, dental clinics, department stores, select shops, outdoor shops, mountain lodges, travel shops, surf shops, employment facilities for persons with disabilities, official online shops, etc., and channels developed by local distributors in 15 overseas countries.

Together with SPEACE Toothpaste. we have released “SPACE Cosmetics FACEPACE” (100ml cream which last for about 1 year / $90 excluding tax) from March 2022.

ORALPEACE project, from Japan to everyone around the world, will deliver our product as a CSV (Creating Shared Value) model and social brand whose business itself leads to social innovation.

* Moisturizer
* “SPACE Toothpaste” has increased amount of “Neomisin-e ®*”, which is the key ingredient to the conventional “ORALPEACE” by 10% and has lemon-mint flavor with the aim to increase the secretion of salvia, which has a self-cleaning effect on dental plaque. Also It is an upgraded model that adopts the latest biomass package with space specifications, light resistance and low environmental load.
* “SPACE Toothpaste” is not the selected on-board product to ISS by JAXA in 2020. It is a newly developed product in 2022.


1. Gender-age-free, toothpaste and oral care for all humankind.
For the health of mankind and the beautiful earth. For daily toothpaste and oral care. With a loved one. With the whole family. For newborns, infants, pregnant women, dry mouth, nursing care, hospitals, disaster sites, outdoors, and space travel.

2. Lactic Acid Bacteria Antibacterial Peptide, patented Formula “Neonisin-e”.
Based on 30 years of research on lactic acid bacteria biotechnology by Professor Emeritus Kenji Sonomoto of Kyushu University, he invented it in collaboration with Kyushu University, Kagoshima University, and the National Center for Longevity Medical Research. Research and development by project members such as Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Engineering, Doctor of Agriculture, Doctor of Pharmacy, Doctor of dentistry, Doctor of veterinary medicine, and clinician.

3. Chemical-free & plant-based.
Achieving chemical-free oral care products through innovations in antiseptic and production technology through green technology in the 21st century. Contains no combustibles or chemical components such as alcohol (ethanol), which is a restriction component for spacecraft loading. Low irritation and low environmental load. Green oral care that has greatly evolved in the 2020s.

4. Produced only with food ingredients that are safe to swallow.
We applied lactic acid bacteria antibacterial peptide research to control bacteria with bacteria from Kyushu University to solve the conflicting problem that even if swallowed, it does not affect the intestinal bacteria while approaching the bacteria that cause problems in the oral cavity. Development of a highly effective oral hygiene agent that is safe to swallow has been realized.

5. A Japan-made product using space technology.
A Japan-made product of world-class quality, which was inspired by the world’s great outdoors that are reminiscent of space and developed using the advanced research results of Japan’s national research institutes including Kyushu University. Verified in various pressures, dryness, and usability of spacecraft at the foot of Mt. Yatsugatake, which is the site of space life demonstration experiments, and in airplanes during high-altitude flight in the Pacific Ocean.

6. Products that are friendly to the natural environment of the Earth.
Only using sustainable plant-based ingredients to suppress CO2 emissions and offset carbon, the product is highly biodegradable in the natural environment to ensure microbial ecosystems are protected in rivers and soils. Designed for space missions, the packaging is light resistant and made using environmentally friendly biomass container. The container is designed to hold a large volume of the product to reduce the amount of packaging production as well as consumers’ purchase frequency, which results in less environmental impact and household expenditure.

7. Novel design for space missions.
Designed by Noriteru Minesaki, a leading art director of Japan. In outer space with strong rays of light, black-printed letters let ultraviolet rays through and deteriorate the content. Therefore, only white letters are used on the silver-colored base that reflects light. Universal design that is easy to understand for all people around the world.

8. For people around the world who share the same values.
For those who would are conscious of heath and the products we apply inside our mouth, those who would like to conserve nature and save the Earth for the future. For those who are interested in oral care products utilizing the latest space technology.


  • who like space and nature

  • who want to use safe products with high preventive effect

  • who are interested in design

  • who care about what they use for their body
  • who like environmentally friendly products

  • who want to use it in space
  • who like traveling

  • who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • who don’t want to take chemicals every day
  • who want to choose products that are recognized overseas
  • who want to use oral care products using patented research and technology
  • who like products that make you feel kind when you use them
  • who want a toothpaste that are also used in the International Space Station!
  • who like camping

  • who want to keep their mouth healthy
  • who want to use safe oral care products
  • who have an unpleasant mouth when waking up in the morning

  • who love surfing

  • who love snowboarding

  • who love mountain climbing

  • who want to use with an electric toothbrush
  • who do not want to pollute mountains, rivers and the sea

  • who like people with clean teeth and mouth
  • who like products designed to enrich everyday life
  • who prefer products with a solid research background
  • who carefully read the ingredient list of the product and choose what to put in their mouth
  • who want a toothpaste can be used by the whole family without purchasing multiple toothpastes for adults and children
  • who are looking for gifts for loved ones

  • who is looking for oral care products that meet the needs of medical and long-term care facility.
  • who is looking for products that can also be used in the event of a disaster or in an environment without water
  • who want to whiten their teeth without scraping enamel
  • who like natural and gentle taste
  • who want to prevent bad breathe

  • For baby tooth care
  • who do not want to scrape the enamel of their teeth
  • who do not want their children to ingest chemical ingredients
  • who want to brush their teeth in nature
  • who see value and sympathy for social brands
  • who think that a good product is not based on advertisement but on an actual content of the product
  • who want to use products that are available in reliable hospitals, dental clinics, department stores, etc.
  • who want a product that can feel the effect even if it is a food ingredient or a safe ingredient


Toothpaste and oral care gel that can be used both in space and on earth and kind to the body and the Earth.
Chemical-free (no chemical components), Plant-based (100% plant components), 100% safe food ingredients and 100% biodegradable (body and environment) toothpaste, functional oral care product. Contains “Neonisin-e®️*”.

Toothpaste・Oral care gel for the health of humankind and to save the beautiful Earth.

No Chemical substances, No Alcohol, No Foaming agent, No Abrasive contained.
Contains “Neonisin-e®️*” that cleans the oral cavity and Moisturizing ingredients.

All-in-one preventive care for your oral and dental diseases such as bad breath, decay, tartar, periodontal, dry mouth, aspiration and for your tongue and oral mucosa care.

keep your mouth clean and refreshing, healthy and peaceful.

Great for everyday use from baby to elderly, for all family members.

Useful for situations where water supply is scarce such as outdoor camping, in times of disaster and space travel.

It’s highly biodegradable, environment positive and great for usage in nature such as mountain climbing.
Toothpaste・Oral care for babies to elderly, any gender and all ages.

For all humanity on the planet and for astronauts flying into the space.

Refreshing flavor of natural mint and lemon.

  • 80g (about 2 months)

  • 18 USD(+tax)

Main ingredients

Neonisin-e®**; a patented formulation of lactic acid bacteria peptide(cleaning aid), glycerin*(moisturizer), water, xanthan gum*(thickener), mentha oil*(flavoring agent), spearmint oil*(flavoring agent), Lemon peel oil*(flavoring agent), damask rose flower oil*(flavoring agent)  *Derived from plants, **Plant-derived lactic acid bacteria

Please see the product package for all the ingredients we use.

Designed by Noriteru Minezaki ((Studio))

The following ingredients are not used

× Ingredients not approved as food  × Petroleum derived ingredients   × Chemically synthesized ingredients
× Synthetic fungicides such as cetylpyridinium chloride (also known as cetylpyridinium chloride, CPC), benzethonium chloride, chlorhexidine gluconate, IPMP (isopropylmethylphenol), triclosan, lauroylsarcosine salt (LSS)
× Bleach and deleterious substances such as chlorine and chlorine dioxide (CIO2), sodium chlorite, sodium hypochlorite, chlorine-based gas  × Alcohol (ethanol)  
× Calcium carbonate (Ca carbonate, large particle abrasive, limestone powder, white line powder on the playground, chalk raw material)
× Na bicarbonate (baking soda, abrasive), zeolite (zeolite), coral powder, shells・Mud (clay montmorillonite) ・Charcoal (charcoal) ・Micro beads (plastic)
× Synthetic surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate, lauryl glucoside, cocamidopropyl betaine, and sodium cocoyl glutamate
× Soap base, soap such as coconut oil fatty acid K, olive fatty acid K, foaming agent
× Synthetic preservatives such as paraben (paraoxybenzoate), phenoxyethanol, sodium benzoate, K sorbate, PG (propylene glycol), BG (butylene glycol), etc.  × Glycine (preservatives/food additives chemically synthesized from formaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide)
× Poly-ε-lysine (polylysine, an analog of antibiotics produced by mold-like actinomycetes, preservatives/food additives)
× Phosphorus (phosphate such as polyphosphoric acid, metaphosphoric acid, pyrophosphoric acid, phosphoric acid 2K)
× Solubilizing agents such as PEG (polyethylene glycol) and propanediol
× Fluorine   × Nanoparticles  × Synthetic coloring such as Blue No. 1   × Synthetic fragrances/flavors  × Salt/Sea salt  
× Titanium oxide (Ti oxide)  × Copper/silver and other metals/heavy metals  × Phytic acid × Saccharin Na  × Arginine  × EDTA -2Na
x indigestible dextrin  × Hinokitiol × Catechin  × Mastic Resin  × Tea Tree Essential Oil  × Honey Propolis  × Coral-derived raw materials in the marine environment  × Animal-derived materials including human origin × Insect- and insect-derived materials
× Lactic acid bacteria per se (live and dead bacteria are not mixed, lactic acid bacteria derived from animal feces are not used even when producing raw materials)

*When purchasing a product to be taken by mouth, it is recommended that you make sure that you check the “all ingredients” (all ingredients that have been added) of each product before making a selection.


With this product only, we are able to provide total care through daily oral care and toothbrushing, including oral cleansing, oral moisturizing, bad breath prevention, periodontal care, tongue care, oral massage, mucosal care, cavity prevention, dry mouth prevention, aspiration prevention, and infection prevention care.

The patented plant-derived lactic acid bacterium bacteriocin, Neonisin-e®* (patent no. 6523473), moisturizes and keeps the mouth healthy in areas that are difficult to reach by brushing the teeth, such as the entire mouth, teeth, interdentium, periodontium, and tongue.

Containing Neonisin-e®* to prevent cavities and bad breath and provide periodontal care.

Brushing whitens teeth and freshens breath.

Oral care also prevents aspiration lung problems and keeps the dry mouth moisture and healthy.

No foaming agent, abrasive, or irritating ingredients are used, so it can be brushed thoroughly, and there is little residue of polishing. It keeps clean and refreshing feeling.

Especially before going to bed, it is recommended to clean between your teeth with an interdental brush or floss while keeping this dentifrice in your mouth.

If possible, we suggest cleaning your tongue.

It is also effective to apply a small amount to the entire mouth, teeth, interdentium, periodontium, and tongue after rinsing.

Another characteristic of ORALPEACE is that it does not damage the stomach even if you apply it to your mouth to prevent the growth of bacteria and thirst during sleeping.

You can feel the change of bad breath and refreshing feeling of the mouth when you wake up the next day after carefully caring the mouth with ORALPEACE at night.

When the mouth feels good, conversation is fun, and the air, water, food and alcohol are delicious.

Stay healthy today.

“Neonisin-e®,” an original patented ingredient of ORALPEACE, formulation of plant-derived lactic acid bacteria antibacterial peptide from Japan.

“Neonisin-e®” is a patented formulation of lactic acid bacterium antibacterial peptide (bacteriocin) which was invented in industry-academia collaboration of Faculty of Agriculture in Graduate School of Kyushu University, Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences of Kagoshima University, and National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology.

Their study is based on the technology research for lactic acid bacteria “to fight against bacteria by using bacteria” for 30 years by Professor Kenji Sonomoto, a doctor of engineering and honorary professor of Kyushu University, who held prominent positions such as a professor of Division of Systems Bioengineering, Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Faculty of Agriculture, Graduate School, Kyushu University, vice-president of Japan Society for Lactic Acid Bacteria, and president of the Society for Biotechnology, Japan.

It is produced from clean lactic acid bacteria which was discovered in plant-oriented food (protein) “soy pulp” made in Fukuoka prefecture. It is safely and rapidly degraded into amino acid while affecting indigenous bacteria on Oral mutant bacteria, Porphyromonas gingivalis (P.g) , periodontal trouble-causing bacteria, Escherichia coli, aspiration pneumonia-causing bacteria, halitosis-causing bacteria, candida bacteria, etc.

It was awarded from the “Japan Society of Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Agrochemistry Award 2019,” as the first awarded oral care product Research and development of oral care products that are safe to swallow. (Patent No. 6523473)

SPACE Toothpaste Development History

Development targets for SPACE Toothpaste

Based on this development mission to make a toothpaste and oral care product “ORALPEACE” containing drinkable ingredients and expected to be used in space more suitable for space life, we have developed a toothpaste and oral care product containing safety an drinkable ingredients to prevent calculus formation more effectively in order to respond to needs to solve problems “brushing and flossing in space life are more susceptible to develop calculus than that on the ground” and “health concerns about swallowing toothpaste for a long time,” according to the following premise and process.
“In space, a lot of saliva is produced, and even if you brush and floss the teeth like you do on the ground, calculus tends to form” (*Individual differences are assumed, but there are such voices).

Possible causes include the following:
(1) The calcification of bacteria in plaque with phosphorus and calcium in saliva
(2) Using a toothpaste that does not contain a preparation that penetrates and sterilizes the bacteria that causes calculus in plaque.
(3) Alkaline abrasives (such as calcium carbonate) are not washed out and calcified due to not enough water.

Therefore, we applied the ORALPEACE’s innovative technology, which is expected to be utilized in space. We have developed a highly functional toothpaste that is ideal for space life with a need for preventing calculus formation and meets various toothbrushing needs on the ground. It contains an increased amount of lactobacillus antibacterial peptide, which is safe for the human body while penetrating and sterilizing dental plaque, and is formulated to stimulate saliva secretion with a self-cleansing effect.

Previous products have both good points and bad points. The new highly functional toothpaste is combined with various advanced technologies to create an ideal toothpaste for space life, aiming to improve the following convenience by solving the space toothpaste problems.

(1) Approaches to dental calculus, cavities, periodontal disease, bad breath, and pneumonia-causing bacteria at very low concentration. The toothpaste is digested and safe even if swallowed.
(2) Physical removal of plaque causing calculus by brushing, leading to teeth whitening
(3) It is slightly acidic like saliva and hard to form calculus
(4) Making effective use of time by reducing oral care time
(5) Available as an “oral moisturizer” if the mouth dries during sleep
(6) No risky chemical ingredients
(7) Gel type that does not scatter and can be used safely in the cabin
(8) Taking care of your teeth with only a small amount of this and reducing the weight

The new highly functional toothpaste that is expected to prevent calculus formation is formulated without alkaline abrasives such as calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).
It prevents calculus formation through the synergistic effects of Neonisin-e, a patented lactobacillus antimicrobial peptide preparation that penetrates dental plaque causing calculus, and of brushing that physically removes the plaque.

On the ground, from its characteristics, it will contribute to the future of mankind and the earth in the 21st century as follows,
(1) Use for elderly people in need of care, disabled people and infants who cannot gargle or spit out
(2) Utilization at disaster areas and mountains with water limited supply
(3) Contribution to people suffering from hypersensitivity
(4) Environmental protection through high biodegradability
(5) Reduction of water used for brushing teeth
(6) Reduction of Co2 through carbon offset products.
And others.

● Cause of calculus formation
The enamel on the surface of teeth is decalcified (the dissolution of enamel) with acids in food and drink and with acids produced by bacteria that cause cavities. To compensate, phosphorus and alkali in saliva calcify the enamel and protect the teeth. If calcification does not occur, enamel will melt more and more, so it can be said to be an indispensable physiological phenomenon for animals. During the calcification, plaque becomes calculus in the mouth.

● Reasons for removal of calculus
When calcification occurs, the calculus that has become petrified plaque, a mass of bacteria, cannot be removed with a toothbrush once it has formed. Since the calculus is pathogenic like plaque, it is desirable to remove it from the mouth.

● Plaque (plaque biofilm) becomes calculus
Calculus does not occur suddenly one day. Calculus is produced when plaque attached to the surface of a tooth becomes petrified and hard. Plaque is a mass of bacteria formed from whitish cavity bacteria and periodontal disease bacteria. During calcification to restore enamel dissolved by food or cavity bacteria, the area where plaque is attached becomes calculus.

● What is plaque (plaque biofilm)?
It is a mass of bacteria adhering to the surface of teeth. Because it is sticky, it adheres firmly to the surface of the teeth and cannot be removed by strong gargling. It is said that there are about 600 kinds of bacteria in plaque and about 100 million – 200 million bacteria per 1 mg of plaque. Thus, to prevent plaque formation, bacteria must be sterilized and physically removed by brushing or flossing.

● Salivary phosphate and calcium contribute to calcification
Saliva has various functions such as moisturizing the mouth and making it easier to eat, washing away food scraps and plaque in the mouth, protecting the body from foreign substances and bacteria, and protecting teeth by promoting enamel calcification. Even before humans brushed their teeth, and throughout the evolution of all animals that did not brush their teeth, saliva helped to protect our precious teeth and mouth. Also, our saliva is rich in inorganic components such as phosphorus and calcium. These are, so to speak, the substances that repair the enamel and are responsible for the calcification of the enamel.

● The time it takes for plaque to calcify
It takes some time for the plaque on the tooth surface to calcify. Calcification begins between 2 and 14 days and is complete after about 8 to 15 days.

● Even if you have saliva, if you don’t have plaque, calculus is not formed.
As mentioned earlier, calculus is a calcified mass of bacterial plaque, and even if there is a lot of saliva that contains phosphorus and calcium, calculus is not formed without the plaque. To prevent calculus formation, you need to remove plaque.

● Can’t calcification be prevented?
Calcification in the mouth is an essential part of maintaining healthy enamel and is difficult to control. For example, if you decrease the secretion of saliva, which is responsible for calcification, your mouth will be short of materials such as phosphorus and calcium, so you can suppress calcification of plaque. However, it also leads to the inhibition of enamel regeneration, leading to the dissolution of teeth, which is not a good thing. In addition, saliva has many functions other than enamel repair, such as antibacterial and bactericidal effects, so it is very important that saliva is secreted normally.

● Sites prone to calculus formation
To effectively prevent calculus formation, it is important to know in advance where calculus formation is likely to occur. Calculus is not attached in random, and there is always site specificity. The clue is where the salivary glands are located. The opening of the salivary glands is common to all people as a common site of calculus. In our mouth, there are three salivary glands, called the three major salivary glands, that produce saliva at rest. The opening of these salivary glands (where saliva is secreted) — behind the lower front teeth and on both buccal sides of the upper back teeth — is prone to calculus formation.

● Method for preventing calculus formation
As mentioned above, calculus is a substance caused by calcification of plaque. Calcification process cannot be stopped because it is essential to maintaining a healthy oral environment. However, it is possible to suppress the deposition of plaque. There is no disadvantage to remove plaque. Also, if plaque is not present, calculus does not form, and the risk of periodontal disease is greatly reduced.

It can be said that removing plaque is the best way to suppress the deposition of calculus. Since plaque is a mass of bacteria such as dental cavity bacteria and periodontal disease bacteria, sterilization of those bacteria is a very effective method. Physical removal by brushing food scraps and formed plaque with a toothbrush or floss is also effective. For areas where floss or toothbrush cannot reach, it is effective to use a disinfectant that penetrates and sterilizes plaque.

In other words, the combination of brushing and flossing with a disinfectant-containing toothpaste and the occasional self-cleaning action of saliva is considered to be the most effective in removing the bacterial mass and plaque that cause calculus.

● Points
(1) The cause of calculus is calcified plaque.
(2) Plaque is a mass of bacteria such as dental cavity bacteria and periodontal disease bacteria.
(3) Sterilizing these bacteria and removing plaque can help prevent calculus formation
(4) Saliva washes away food scraps, dental plaque, bacteria, etc. Saliva secretion leads to prevention of forming plaque and calculus.
(If plaque, a mass of bacteria, has been removed, a lot of saliva will not turn into calculus.)

As mentioned above, dental calculus leads to plaque formed by a mass of bacteria such as dental cavity bacteria and periodontal disease bacteria in the mouth, which is calcified by alkaline components such as phosphorus and calcium in saliva when the enamel is calcified, and firmly adhered to the tooth.

In space, even if you brush and floss the teeth like on the ground,
(1) It is difficult to remove plaque, a mass of bacteria, efficiently by using limited water, etc.
(2) In the dry environment, dry mouth and decreased saliva reduce the self-cleaning effect on food scraps and plaque, and calculus tends to deposit.
(3) Most conventional marketed toothpaste on the ground are mainly composed of alkali components such as calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, and baking soda for the purpose of polishing and whitening tooth enamel. However, in space life, where water is not used sufficiently, calculus is likely to be adhered to the tooth more easily than that on the ground due to various reasons such as insufficient rinsing of alkali components.

Also, in the modern era, with the advance of tooth brushing literacy in the 21st century, the incidence of dental cavities has decreased.The age of dental hygiene seems to have shifted to new consumer needs for solutions to non-caries problems such as calculus, periodontal disease, and bad breath, in addition to the use of fluorine in the last century for preventing dental caries.

Thanks to the technology innovation in toothbrushes, the practice of polishing teeth with abrasives such as shell and stone powder will be a thing of the past in the future, some 100 years from now.

The key factors that keeps the mouth healthy are not research and development of new abrasives and foaming agents, but the sterilization performance of oral hygiene formulations against problem-causing bacteria, the safety of the formulations when swallowed, and the moisturizing performance in the mouth, as well as the safety of the human body and low environmental impact. We believe that green technology that realizes these performances is highly likely to become the mainstream of guidance standards for tooth preservation and oral hygiene 100 years from now.

Against such background, we have taken three approaches to solving these issues.

(1) Increase in the amount of Neonisin-e, a patented lactobacillus antimicrobial peptide preparation for preventing and removing plaque, which is a mass of bacteria.
(2) Containing ingredients that stimulate the production of saliva that cleans plaque and food scraps
(3) No alkaline abrasive, which may calcify into calculus

(1) Increase in the amount of Neonisin-e, a patented lactobacillus antimicrobial peptide (bacteriocin) preparation
Neonisin-e is expected to be highly effective in preventing calculus formation, with its superior characteristics of penetrating into plaque and acting on the bacteria, which was difficult for conventional disinfectant solutions, in addition to its excellent efficacy against dental cavity bacteria and periodontal disease bacteria and its innovative approach to the safety of the human body, in which the toothpaste is digested if swallowed.

Neonisin-e has also been confirmed to increase its efficacy in a concentration-dependent manner. By increasing the dosage, it is expected to inhibit plaque formation by acting more effectively on bacteria such as dental cavity bacteria and periodontal bacteria that cause calculus in the mouth, leading to preventing calculus formation

(2) Containing ingredients that stimulate saliva secretion
Saliva has a self-cleansing effect that washes away food scraps, bacteria in the mouth, and plaque that causes calculus. The amount of saliva produced in space varies from person to person, but promoting saliva production will enhance the self-cleansing effect in the mouth.

This time, the toothpaste contains essential oil extracted from lemon pericarp which causes calculus. Lemon pericarp is rich in monoterpenes (limonene, etc.) that promote saliva secretion. Since saliva increases significantly just by smelling the scent, the effects of self-cleansing of oral bacteria and preventing plaque forming calculus are expected.

Lemon pericarp oil was contained to promote saliva secretion, and a mint plus lemon flavor was also added to the product at request, which has a clean taste for space use. As a result, we have developed a product with a taste that is more suitable for space life.

(3) No alkaline abrasive, which tends to calcify into calculus
We developed a product in the formulation with no alkaline abrasives.

● Effecting increased of Neonisin-e
● Containing a lemon extract, stimulating saliva secretion
● No alkaline ingredients

It can be said that calculus tends to form in space life because plaque, a mass of bacteria, cannot be removed due to the limited living environment.

The key points are to effectively remove plaque by using a highly effective disinfectant that is safe to swallow in combination with a toothbrush and floss, and constantly washing away plaque by increasing the amount of self-cleaning saliva.

The newly-developed “oral care product containing drinkable ingredients to prevent calculus formation” is a toothpaste and oral care product that will help to solve the above problems in space life, and with its characteristics of being safe for the human body and environmentally friendly,

Contributes to all humankind in many parts of the world, including not only for the limited people who are astronauts, but also for those who want to realize effective oral care more easily, many people who care about their health, elderly people in need of care who cannot gargle or spit out, disabled people, infants and those who want to protect the natural environment of the earth, and to the earth in the future.

It can be said that this Japan-originated product has the outstanding characteristics in the world.

The “oral care product containing drinkable ingredient to prevent calculus formation” that we have developed is chemical-free (no chemical ingredients), (100%) plant-based foods, and 100% biodegradable (all digestible in the body and in nature).

This innovative toothpaste oral care product is made entirely from food approved 10 ingredients. (All ingredients: (i) glycerin (derived from palm palms), (ii) water, (iii) lactobacillus culture extract, (ix) xanthan gum (derived from corn), (v) plum fruit extract, (xi) caesalpinia spinosa gum (derived from beans), (vii) peppermint oil, (viii) spearmint oil, (ix) lemon pericarp oil, and (x) damask rose flower oil)

Neonisin-e, the basis of this innovative product, is a patented lactobacillus antimicrobial peptide preparation developed through the industry-academia-government collaboration with Kyushu University Graduate School of Agriculture, Kagoshima University Graduate School of Medicine and Dentistry, National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology, and other institutions in the study of lactobacillus antimicrobial peptide that suppresses bacteria with bacteria.

The major characteristics of this product are that “It is a combination of ‘highly purified Nisin’ produced from a clean fungus discovered in ‘okara’ from Fukuoka prefecture, which is edible plant-derived food, plum extract and damask rose essential oil,

and that the toothpaste is digested and safe if swallowed, while immediately approaching a wide range of bacteria causing problems, such as dental cavity bacteria, periodontal disease bacteria, bacteria causing aspiration pneumonia or bad breath, and candida bacteria in the mouth, at a very low concentration compared to general antibiotics and antibacterial agents.”

Among the many lactic acid bacteria bacteriocin (antibacterial peptide), the single most important characteristic of the antibacterial peptide Nisin A used for Neonisin-e is “safety.”

Various lactobacillus antimicrobial peptides have been discovered around the world. However, as a result of studies by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other health institutions in the world, GRAS certification from the U.S. FDA, and a safety study by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) of Japan, only Nisin A is the lactobacillus antimicrobial peptide approved for human consumption, and other lactobacillus antimicrobial peptides are not approved.

Among the lactobacillus antimicrobial peptides, only Nisin A has “characteristics of safety for human bodies guaranteed” by research institutes around the world.

In 1953, a British company launched the Nisin A preparation for the first time in the world. Since it was approved by WHO and FAO in 1969, it has been generally certified as a safe food (GRAS, Generally Recognized As Safe as salt and spices) in the U.S. since 1988, and has been approved for use in more than 50 countries around the world as a natural antibacterial agent safe for the human body by both oral ingestion and mucosal absorption.

In countries such as the U.K. and France, the permitted amount for use in cheeses and other products is unlimited. Also in Japan, in 2009, the product was approved as safe food through deliberations at the MHLW and the Food Safety Commission, as well as through all genotoxicity tests, carcinogenicity tests, and other tests.

Neonisin-e®︎, a patented lactobacillus antimicrobial peptide preparation unique to Japan, is a combination of a highly refined product of Nisin A using a proprietary technology, edible plum extract and damask rose oil.

Based on the above, it can be said that the safety of this product to the human body is guaranteed.

This effective and safe highly functional toothpaste will contribute to the followings:
(1) Reducing the burden on healthcare and caregivers around the world, reducing the annual cost of nursing care in Japan by more than 10 trillion yen, and reducing the enormous cost of nursing care for the elderly, which is increasing worldwide, and redirecting young people’s investment in labor from the care of the elderly to growth fields that contribute to the future development of humankind
(2) Saving lives from aspiration pneumonia in disaster-hit areas around the world
(3) Safe prevention of virus infection in infants
(4) Contributing to environmental protection through products with low environmental impact

In addition, this project will be deployed globally as a social business in the era of SDGs, directly involving persons with disabilities in creating jobs and improving income for them with low monthly average labor costs of 15,000 yen.
The ORALPEACE Project is a social project in which people with disabilities who are willing to work nationwide are engaged in social participation, financial independence, and resolution of issues after death of parents by utilizing innovative technologies developed by Japanese national research institutes.
Through this space challenge, it would be wonderful if more than 9 million people with disabilities in Japan alone and more than 1 billion such people in the world, 15% of the world’s population, and their families, which are estimated to the number more than billions of people, could also have dreams and hopes to connect with space.

What is a Trife Space Project

The number of elderly people in need of care in Japan, which has the world’s oldest population, is now more than 6 million, and the cost of nursing care is more than 10 trillion yen a year, estimating a rise to 25 trillion yen in 2040.
In the future, the same aging problem as in Japan is likely to occur in the world on a large scale.

According to a survey conducted by the MHLW, the difference between the healthy life expectancy, which allows people to live independently without needing nursing care, and the actual average life expectancy is about 10 years. There is an urgent need to shorten this bedridden period of nursing care.

In recent years, the MHLW has clarified the correlation between the number of remaining teeth and the incidence of dementia, as well as between periodontal disease bacteria and systemic diseases (myocardial infarction, diabetes, etc.), and has developed the “8020 movement” to promote thorough oral care that maintains teeth and extends healthy life expectancy.

However, in the fields of nursing care, there is a risk that when the elderly who have difficulty in gargling or spitting out use oral disinfectants, they may suffer stomachache if swallowed, and care with only water is still a heavy burden on caregivers.

In order to reduce the physical, mental and time burden of caregivers, there was a need for oral care products that are safe to swallow while enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of care, as well as oral care products that contribute to the prevention of dementia and health and longevity of young people, and that have a low environmental load required in the new era.

This project based on the cutting-edge biotechnology research on lactic acid bacteria that control bacteria from Kyushu University, develops an innovative oral care product ORALPEACE that is free of chemical ingredients and safe to swallow while sterilizing bacteria that cause problems in the mouth, containing Neonisin-e, a patented lactobacillus antimicrobial peptide preparation, which was invented through the industry-academia-government collaboration with National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology and other institutions.

Developed in 2013, ORALPEACE has been provided more than 1 million products, and adopted in more than 2,000 locations, including the University of Tokyo Hospital and other advanced medical institutions and nursing homes. In 2020, its research results were recognized, leading to the deployment in 15 countries worldwide, including Japan to Europe, the U.S. and Asia.

In order to help solve social issues through cutting-edge innovative technologies that can also be used in space, we take efforts in reducing nursing care costs, which are increasing to more than 10 trillion yen per year in Japan alone, reducing human burdens, creating jobs for people with disabilities through our core businesses, and working on sustainable businesses that meet the SDGs such as supporting disaster-stricken areas and protecting the environment with highly biodegradable products.

In 2011, when the Tohoku Earthquake struck, Kenji Sonomoto, a professor emeritus at Kyushu University and a leading researcher in the field of lactic acid bacteria antimicrobial peptides, and a researcher Kohei Nagatoshi, consulted on whether they can contribute to society by using the antimicrobial peptides produced by the lactic acid bacteria living in okara from Fukuoka prefecture, which was the result of their research, with Daisuke Teshima, a management consultant and social entrepreneur who has been engaged in support activities for the disabled through his business by taking the opportunity of having a disabled child, such as starting the first organic cosmetics brand in Japan with European organic certification.

Later, Teshima saw oral problems of caused by aging of a family member, who is his father struggling with illness, and in 2013, and started the ORALPEACE business with the aim of creating social businesses that connect innovative technologies to health and longevity and the creation of jobs for the disabled. At the beginning, the situation was severe with 1 employee and 0 funding. However, this project promoted with the support of more than 100 researchers and clinicians as volunteers, provided total more than 1 million products after employed by advanced medical and nursing care institutions nationwide.

In 2014, this business won the Yokohama Business Grand Prix Best Award and Audience Award; in 2015, the Japan Venture Award Best Award and the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award; in 2016, it was selected as one of the 10 people who will change the future of Japan by the Nippon Foundation; in 2017, it won the Good Design Award; in 2018, it advanced to three continents; in 2019, it won the JSBBA Award for Achievement in Technological Research; in 2020, it was featured on NHK’s international broadcasting; it is implemented in 15 countries around the world; and in 2021, its use in space was officially decided.

We will continue to develop technologies not only for oral care product ORALPEACE, but also for skin care, including FACEPEACE, to help solve human skin care issues.
(1) Quantitative assessment
The ORALPEACE has been selected as one of items put on the International Space Station (ISS) and adopted by more than 2,000 advanced medical institutions. With a total of more than 1 million provided, the toothpaste is widely used by the elderly in need of care in Japan, contributing to improvement of the quality of the elderly’s life and reducing the burden on caregivers. In addition, revenue sharing is realized through production and sales at affiliated facilities for persons with disabilities. It leads to the economic independence of the disabled who work.

Trial calculation of effects (estimated theoretically)
● Reduction of nursing care costs in Japan
The annual cost of nursing care was 10 trillion yen in 2020 and estimated at 25 trillion yen in 2040. Estimated savings of trillions of yen in nursing care costs by extending healthy life expectancy

● Reducing the cost and burden of caring for the world and humanity
Reducing nursing care costs by several 100 trillion yen by extending healthy life expectancy through oral care
Ten trillion yen of annual nursing care costs in Japan divided by 6 million of elderly in need of care is 1.7 million yen annual nursing care costs.
*MHLW Source: Percentage of elderly in need of care among 36 million people aged 65 in Japan is approximately 16%. Asian population to be 65 years or older in 2050 is estimated to be 600 million (*UN). The number of the elderly in need of care in Asia in 2050 is estimated to be approximately 100 million people by multiplying 16%. The estimated annual cost of nursing care across Asia in 2050 was about 170 trillion yen.

● Reduction of the global and human care workforce
Reduction of the elderly in need of care through oral care → Hundreds of millions of young people can engage in industries other than nursing care for the elderly
*It is estimated that for 6 million elderly people in need of care in Japan, about 2 million care workers, i.e. 0.3 workers per elderly person in need of care are needed. In 2050, the number of care workers in Asia was about 30 million.

These are very rough estimates, but I believe that in the future, the enormous amounts of money and labor can be transferred to the fields such as space development and solving food problems other than care for and nursing care to the elderly, and contribute to the diversity of jobs in the world and bring about great development for mankind in the future.

We believe that it would be great if we could expand our business model of a sustainable social brand to the world and, in the future, to space as well, by supporting people with disabilities through our business, in addition to contributing to the health and longevity of the earth and the protection of the environment.

In response to the challenges of space, oral care, and overseas markets utilizing the technological innovation of Japanese industry, academia, and government, this project has achieved the output described above. It would be great if you could try our self-made SPACE Toothpaste.

Q & A

The unprecedented innovation of SPACE Toothpaste is that it is the world’s first oral care product of a new era that is gentle to the human body and the environment of the earth, containing (i) chemical-free (no chemical) ingredients, (ii) plant-based (100% plant) ingredients, and (iii) Neonisin-e®︎, a patented lactobacillus antimicrobial peptide preparation that achieves 100% biodegradable (safely digested and decomposed in the human body and environment).

To achieve these innovations, this product used green technology in the 21st century through industry-academia collaboration with national research institutions such as Kyushu University, which has received various awards and patents, can be used as an oral care product for astronauts that matches the era in which humankind is advancing into space. It can be said that this product objectively secures the advanced technology, the public benefit to humankind, the protection of the global environment, and the public nature of business.

We would consider with you what kind of research advances, technological capabilities that embody innovation, differentiating advantages as a product, uniqueness that cannot be achieved by other products, selection criteria chosen for space, and specifications to be evaluated are necessary for oral care products that use advanced technology expected to be used in space and call themselves “SPACE Toothpaste.”

We hope that this will be an opportunity for you to learn about the nature of the technological innovation of oral care products in the space age, the actual innovation of research and development, and the world’s leading research and development capability of Japanese national universities and the need for further support.

A patented lactic acid bacterium peptide formulation invented in collaboration with Kyushu University Graduate School of Agriculture, Kagoshima University Graduate School, National Longevity Medical Research Center, etc. For details, please see the homepage of “Neonisin ®”.
The use of synthetic ingredients such as alcohol (ethanol), butylene glycol (BG) and propylene glycol (PG), which are contained in general care products on the ground, is prohibited.
The concept was created in the nature of Maui, where you can feel the space, and using the advanced research technology of the Japanese national research institute adopted in the International Space Station, it will be made in Japan of the quality recognized by the world, and from Yokohama, which has an international history and culture, it will be provided to people on the earth and in planetary orbits beyond the sea and the sky.
This innovative dental and oral care gel for both earth and space can be used for the oral care of mankind on earth. It can be used by people all over the world as a new generation product that is chemical-free (no chemical) ingredients, plant-based (100% plant) ingredients, and 100% biodegradable (digested and decomposed in the human body and in nature). It can also be mounted on space stations and space rockets due to the safety of ingredients, and can be used by astronauts.
It is a product for all humankind that is gentle to the body and the environment, and can be used by men and women of all ages on the earth, as well as those who fly into space.
Made with chemical-free ingredients, it can be used for everybody in your family including your pet.
The differences from the conventional ORALPEACE are that it fits to the space life more and needs to effectively prevent calculus formation in space, etc. are met with containing 10% more Neonisin-e®︎* which is a key ingredient of the conventional ORALPEACE, and it is newly formulated to contain lemon essential oil which stimulates the secretion of saliva with self-cleaning action to dental plaque in the mouth, that is
newly developed natural lemon mint flavor. In addition, the latest biomass package with light resistance and low environmental load of space specifications is adopted, making it a useful version upgrade model both on the earth and in space.

ORALPEACE is a product that has been used by medical institutions around the world and has sufficient clinical benefits.

This SPACE Toothpaste will be a space version with a formula and specifications that better fit space life. Of course, it is a product for both space and earth that can be used daily on earth.

Whether you’re traveling in space, love space, design, lemon-mint flavor, want to solve oral problems more effectively, such as preventing calculus formation and removing plaque, are interested in new products using the latest space technology, like the latest eco-friendly biomass packages, use for travel, camping, children who don’t like brushing their teeth, children who love space, pregnant women, talking to them, gifts, souvenirs, and family members at home every day.

It would be great if you could try out the latest SPACE Toothpaste as well as the ORALPEACE selected for the ISS.

SPACE Toothpaste has the same ingredients as other ORALPEACE products, so if you have any other questions, please refer to Q&A for ORALPEACE.
Yes it’s perfect for traveling. Especially small packages (1ml) are easy to carry to short trip and camping as well.
Biodegradation means that human waste is decomposed by microorganisms living in nature.

It is easy to understand if the feces that are washed into the river are eaten by microorganisms and decomposed, or fallen leaves are eaten by insects and microorganisms and turned into compost.

Areas without sewage systems are easy to understand, but the wastewater we produce is either discharged directly into natural rivers or cleaned up with septic tanks before being discharged into rivers.

In the case of natural rivers, a lot of microorganisms living in the water play their role to create an environment. Microorganisms live in the septic tank, and clean the water by eating and biodegrading the dirty water from washing the body and dishes.

The same is true in urban areas, where wastewater from sewage systems is collected in sewage treatment plants where it is biodegraded by microorganisms to purify water.

In other words, even in the last 21st century, mankind still lives in nature, relying on the power of natural microorganisms.
Products containing petroleum-derived synthetic fungicides and preservatives, synthetic surfactants and fragrances, tree resins and high concentrations of sap that are discharged as domestic wastewater are persistent and cannot be biodegraded, meaning that microorganisms cannot eat such products and they kill microorganisms.

Therefore, in many cases, the use of products containing synthetic chemical ingredients is prohibited in mountain huts, campsites and mountain climbing.

As an example that is easy for many people to understand, you may have experienced the smell of a synthetic fragrance that is not biodegradable from the water discharged from a sewage treatment plant in a nearby river or the sea. Of course, odourless and persistent chemical components are released naturally. I think surfers know well.

It is easy to imagine what would happen to the global environment in which many people live, to the organisms that live in the water, and to the seafood that we eat on a daily basis at the top of the food chain, if we continued to use it many times a day and pour it into the sewage system. Being friendly to microorganisms that biodegrade our dirty water is also important for our health and that of our children.

In developed countries, “highly biodegradable products” that do not affect microbial ecosystems are attracting attention.

In the world, many people are beginning to realize that it is important not only for the convenience and profit of companies, but also for their own health, and that the beautiful green earth that they inherited should be left to the generations of children.

Similar to ORALPEACE, which are the first and only oral care products to be certified as the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s environmentally friendly “acorn point products”, Space Cosmetics, which is made from sustainable plant materials and biodegradable in nature, is a product with low environmental impact and reduces Co2 for a decarbonized society.
We would always appreciate your inquiry. We also welcome messages to our projects, research and products. Please feel free to contact us using our contact form.

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Seleccionada como carga útil para la Estación Espacial Internacional
Bacterias lácticas péptido antibacteriano péptido patentado neonisina E
Elaborado únicamente con ingredientes alimentarios de origen natural y sin productos químicos
Amigable con las personas y el medio ambiente, una marca de cuidado bucal para el siglo XXI
Selected as a payload to the International Space Station
Lactic acid bacteria antibacterial peptide patent preparation neonisin E
Made with only naturally derived food ingredients and chemical-free
Friendly to people and the environment, an oral care brand for the 21st century


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ORALPEACE will also goes to space with Astronaut Wakata!!!!!PEACE!!!!!!!

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